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Meet Our People

The ones that stand by our side no matter how big the moment

The Officiant

Alex Ward

Early in Garrett & Dallas' relationship, a friendship with the Wards (Alex & Meredith, who had just moved to Sacramento) was gifted by a dearly departed mutual friend of Alex & Garrett. The couples became fast friends over shared interests of craft cocktails, good food, country music, game nights, and sports.



Father of the Bride:                                            Roger Smith

Mother of the Bride:                                           Traci Walck Smith (In Memoriam)

Paternal Grandfather of the Bride:              Buster Smith

Paternal Grandmother of the Bride:           Shirley Smith

Maternal Grandmother of the Bride:          Gloria Walck

Maternal Grandfather of the Bride:            Richard Walck (In Memoriam)

Maternal Great-Grandmother:                   Helen "Vicki" Cresap

Mother of the Groom:                                      Marcy Hernandez

Father of the Groom:                                       George E. Wolfe

Paternal Grandfather of the Groom:         George A. Wolfe (In Memoriam)

Paternal Grandmother of the Groom:       Frances Wolfe (In Memoriam)

Paternal Grandmother of the Groom:       Porfirio Hernandez (In Memoriam)

Maternal Grandfather of the Groom:        Stella Hernandez (In Memoriam)

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