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Garrett & Dallas

Friday, March 29, 2024

Casa Valerie

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Tuesday, March 26 - Sunday, March 31

 Puerto Vallarta, MX

Our Story

Our Love Story

A classic tale of an office romance - 


But ask either of us the full story and you will absolutely get different versions. Somewhere in between some Instagram DMs about Crocs, real-life heart eyes, "casual" office run-ins, and lots of flirty banter lies the true version of this story. 

Thanks to a not-so-subtle nudge from Garrett's brother, Ryan, Garrett decided to join Dallas out for a night of line dancing. After a few impressive moves by Dallas on the dance floor and some smooth talking by Garrett, a budding romance began (with approval from Dallas' friends Kalliah and McElle who were also there). 

The two were officially a couple by January 2020 and a few short months later things escalated quickly (thanks pandemic). After spending most days of 2020 together on the "Wolfe Family Homestead", Garrett fulfilled a long-awaited goal by purchasing a house - solidifying the two as official roomies later that year when Garrett asked Dallas to help make it a home for them. 

Fast forward to 2022 and Dallas had a hunch that a proposal may be on the horizon. The two had planned and canceled a trip to Zion National Park three times up to that point and Dallas thought the March trip was definitely the planned proposal location. On day two of the trip, alone atop Observation Point, Garrett suggested the photo might look better if we kneel. A pitter-patter in Dallas' heart was shortly stopped when Dallas realized Garrett really just meant kneeling would make a better photo and he was indeed NOT proposing. Now, Dallas wasn't disappointed but figured trying to guess when this momentous occasion was going to happen was a lost cause. 

So when the Wolfe family boarded a plane to Canada for the long-awaited trip to Banff National Park, a proposal was on everyone's mind, except the bride-to-be. After a lost bag and a drive down the Icefields Parkway, the crew checked into their hotel at Lake Louise and went to bed. The next day was hiking day - Big Beehive - overlooking the iconic Lake Louise. The family had planned this hike together so nothing was surprising or suspicious about the start of the day. Garrett, Dallas, Ryan, and Leah (Ryan's wife & Dallas' future bridesmaid) trekked through a snowy mountainside, stopping for the occasional lookout point and downed tree, and when they finally reached the top everyone dispersed. Dallas pulled out her camera, finding a few nooks where she could frame the lake and mountain peaks. The rest of the crew took in the breathtaking sites (presumably). Dallas finally wanders over, see's the beautiful lookout, and offers to trade photos - she takes one of Ryan and Leah, and they take one of them - a practice we were all familiar with by day 3 of the trip. After a few snaps of couple one, Dallas passed her camera off to Ryan, joined Garrett at the lookout point, smiled for a picture or two, Garrett murmured a few words and before Dallas knew it, he was on one knee, dream ring in hand, asking her to be his wife. A true dream. 

And of course, she said, YES!

And then gave it back, but that's a story for another time.


Wedding Colors

Taking inspiration from the landscape around us, the groomsmen will be in sand and the bridesmaids will be wearing dusk blue.

You Must Have Some Questions

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